Some Other Scotland – Ep27 – Skeleton

Stirling Castle Skeletons

This Week:

  • Burnard makes some discoveries.
  • Charles spots a face from his past.
  • Arthar receives a distress call.

This week’s news story:

Violent deaths of Stirling skeletons

changed to the alternative:

Skeleton answers lead to new questions
A series of tests on a group of five skeletons found buried under the Royal Chapel at Stirling Castle have shown they were victims of violent deaths. Scientists reported a number of fractures, stab wounds and broken bones that would have proved fatal, but have been unable to explain the injuries inflicted on one of the male skeletons. One archaeologist stated “it was as though he had been sliced in two with an angle grinder, not a sword or an axe”.

Further Information

BBC News – Read the original story.


  1. So excited to see you back on track! 🙂

  2. David says:

    As per the first comment on this thread – by Katharina Bordet:

    1. MAZAL TOV (Congrats for those of you who are Hebrew or Yiddish deprived) – using my Sherlock Holmes skills I deduce that there has been a name change from Katherina Maimer to Katherina Bordet. Although it is more than possible that these are two different Katherina’s (like my two daughter’s whose significant others have the same first name – I thus call them Senior and Junior), my guess is that it is the same Katherina.

    2. Does this explain why there has been a long period since the last SOS? And also infrequent “Every Photo Tells”? Oh – young love!

    3. Ipso Facto – this first comment looks suspiciously like a plant and not an “honest” comment from the great unwashed here in cyberspace who listen to your up till now rare podcasts.

    4. Noetheless, I agree with the comment – Welcome Back! Thanks to you both for sharing with us your hard work and great talents – for free!


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