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Some Other Scotland – Interlude 03

The new website address is

The ‘Some Other Scotland’ Wiki can be found at

Some Other Scotland – Interlude 02

Interlude 02: Listener feedback and questions. Mapping the story. Twittering characters and other extras. Podiobooks version of the podcast. Promoting SOS – StumbleUpon, iTunes, etc. Get a reminder of the Podioracket interview/chat. Great Hites can be found at Follow characters Erica Wallis, Razer and DC Eddie Lake on Twitter. Google Map of SOS locations. […]

Some Other Scotland – Interlude 01

  • Answers to common questions about the podcast.
  • Great Hites link to Some Other Scotland.
  • Twitter stuff – Erica and Lake.

Some Other Scotland – Ep00 – Introduction

This is an introductory instalment of the “Some Other Scotland” podcast, explaining what is different about it from other podcast fiction you may have read.