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SOS now on

We are pleased to announce that ‘Some Other Scotland’ is now available at

The podcast feed at is a little different from the normal ‘SOS’ feed. Their focus is strictly on telling the story, so you’ll find no news items, interludes or spin-offs there. If you don’t like the newscast at the start of SOS, then try subscribing to the feed where it has been removed. It’s also a good source to go to if you want just the story, maybe to put onto CD or to pass to friends. They also offer a custom feed that lets you decide how often you want each episode delivered.

Follow us on Facebook

There is now a Facebook page for ‘Some Other Scotland. There’s not a lot there so far apart from a couple of pictures, but there is plenty of new material to come that will appear there, so you can follow that page for more details. There are spaces for discussion and special events too, so you can let us know your thoughts on the plot, the characters or where the podcast is going.