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Some Other Scotland – Ep24 – Water Supply

Some Other Scotland – Ep23 – Swine Flu

Some Other Scotland – Ep22 – Forest

  • Harald takes drastic steps to collect his prize.
  • Craig starts a fire.
  • Razer gets a history lesson.

Some Other Scotland – Ep21 – Bees

  • Charles finds music and a lift.
  • Razer picks a side.
  • Erica and Tania find a clue to Sengar’s whereabouts.

Some Other Scotland – Ep20 – Baby Records

  • Calum researches the list of unmarked graves.
  • Sykes follows the new lead.
  • Calum discovers unexpected links in his list.

Some Other Scotland – Interlude 03

The new website address is

The ‘Some Other Scotland’ Wiki can be found at

Some Other Scotland – Spin-Off 03 – The Three Coos

The next spin-off story to feature at Some Other Scotland is a little different.

This is a variation on the popular fairytale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, but this is as told by Razer, so it has a little more local flavour.

Some Other Scotland – Ep19 – Great Scot

  • Harald moves in closer to Charles.
  • Razer deals with a sinking feeling.
  • Charles starts to hatch a plan.
  • Erica and Tania assess the Merk damage.
  • Sykes’ suspicions are confirmed.

Some Other Scotland – Ep18 – Submarine

  • Razer meets his kidnappers.
  • A bid for freedom ends in disaster.

Some Other Scotland – Ep17 – Lunacy Graves

  • Tania and Erica visit the Merk.
  • Calum notices a disturbing pattern.
  • Sykes is alerted to more symbols.
  • Harald finds what he’s searching for.
  • A haggis supper leads to trouble.