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‘Sobieski’ – Spin-off

Episode 101 of Every Photo Tells… contains a new spin-off story set in the world of Some Other Scotland. This one tells the story of an impromptu performance by Andy Jamieson on a cold winter’s afternoon.

‘The Highland Welcome’ – Spin-Off

There is a new SOS spin-off story over at Every Photo Tells…, called ‘The Highland Welcome’. It is about two redcoat soldiers searching for their elusive prey on a stormy night who come across more than they had bargained for. Anyone unfamiliar with SOS might think it is a ghost story, but for those in […]

‘Ghost’ Spin-Off

Two new SOS spin-off stories have been completed recently. ‘The Castle Wall’ appears at Every Photo Tells…. It tells the story behind Harald‘s discovery in Episode 13 ‘Ghost’. As with all the spin-offs, it is a stand-alone story, but does give a little more insight into the characters. It is unusual in that it was […]

New Spin-offs

New short stories set in the world of ‘Some Other Scotland’:
‘Waxing On’, is set in 1745 during Charles’ march towards London.
‘Near Missing’ provides some background to Calum Hayston‘s character. It is set over a number of years, but ties in directly with episode 20.

Some Other Scotland – Spin-Off 03 – The Three Coos

The next spin-off story to feature at Some Other Scotland is a little different.

This is a variation on the popular fairytale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, but this is as told by Razer, so it has a little more local flavour.

Some Other Scotland – Spin-Off 02 – Mist and Shelter

The second and third of the spin-off stories to feature at Some Other Scotland are both set in the past.

The events in “Mist” take place in 1919 on a secluded beach in the North of Scotland.

The second short tale, “Shelter” is set in 1940 and has a close link to Episode 15 of ‘SOS’.

Some Other Scotland – Spin-Off 01 – Alternative Therapy

The first of the spin-off stories to feature at Some Other Scotland is about Craig’s sister, Sarah. It is set shortly before the events of Episode 2.