Some Other Scotland – Ep25 – Forth Bridge

Some Other Scotland – Ep20 – Baby Records

  • Calum researches the list of unmarked graves.
  • Sykes follows the new lead.
  • Calum discovers unexpected links in his list.

Some Other Scotland – Ep13 – Ghost

  • Sykes receives information about Charles’ attempted abduction.
  • Harald realises he has missed something for the past 90 years.

Some Other Scotland – Ep07 – The Lamb

  • Harald Grant buys an island.
  • Familiar symbols turn up in a peculiar place.
  • Erica confronts the intruder.
  • We discover who is using the hidden cameras.

Some Other Scotland – Ep06 – Beatles

  • The Sleeper, Charles, flees the scene.
  • Sykes learns more about the hidden cameras.
  • Something unexpected happens at Skara Brae.

Some Other Scotland – Ep05 – Parasite

  • Sykes learns that deaths at the Scottish Parliament may be linked to the Palace mystery.
  • Erica’s team discover some unexpected features of the buried wall.
  • The Sleeper finally escapes and his identity becomes clear.

Some Other Scotland – Ep01 – The Palace

  • Edinburgh cop Jim Sykes is called into a puzzling case.