Some Other Scotland – Interlude 02

Interlude 02: Listener feedback and questions. Mapping the story. Twittering characters and other extras. Podiobooks version of the podcast. Promoting SOS – StumbleUpon, iTunes, etc. Get a reminder of the Podioracket interview/chat. Great Hites can be found at Follow characters Erica Wallis, Razer and DC Eddie Lake on Twitter. Google Map of SOS locations. […]

SOS now on

We are pleased to announce that ‘Some Other Scotland’ is now available at

The podcast feed at is a little different from the normal ‘SOS’ feed. Their focus is strictly on telling the story, so you’ll find no news items, interludes or spin-offs there. If you don’t like the newscast at the start of SOS, then try subscribing to the feed where it has been removed. It’s also a good source to go to if you want just the story, maybe to put onto CD or to pass to friends. They also offer a custom feed that lets you decide how often you want each episode delivered.