The Merk

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Situated below Glasgow.

One of the "Eggs" the Sidhe built and placed in strategic locations around the world. It is home to Sengar.

Access to The Merk is via a doorway into the Glasgow Subway system and also through a tunnel leading down to the Clyde.

In Chapter 15, an acid attack on the ground above the Merk results in the egg being exposed to public view. Malcolm recognises the two men who visited him standing nearby on a TV news report about the incident.

In Chapters 17 and 19, Tania and Erica visit the Merk to investigate the acid attack.

Merkland Street station was on the Subway in Glasgow, Scotland. It is the only station on the system that has closed permanently. The station opened in 1896. It was located 25 metres to the south-west of Partick station, about 300 metres to the south of Partickhill railway station. It closed permanently in 1977 when the rest of the network was closed for modernisation. When the network reopened in 1980, it was replaced by a new station nearby named Partick, offering direct transfers to the rail station of the same name. There is evidence of Merkland Street station's existence due to a long straight and humped stretch on the underground with large diameter tunnels, although the platforms and station buildings no longer remain.

In 1940 a bomb hit the station and it was closed for many months. Merkland Street Subway Station, Wikipedia