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Rough sketch of the inside of the Traigh

Situated below Skara Brae.

The first of many places built by the Sidhe.

The upper entrance to the Traigh was via a stone lift that was located in 'House 7' of the village of Skara Brae. A tunnel several hundred metres long leads from there out under the beach and the sea before arriving at the secure door of the Traigh itself. The lower entrance is via an underwater tunnel.

There are two key locations within the Traigh itself; the Craft dock with space for several sizes of vehicle and the living and working space.

The centrepiece of the living space is a park area, over one hundred metres square, including a dark green, well-maintained lawn surrounded by a wide variety of trees, shrubs and long grasses at the edge. To the right-hand side of the grassy area was a pond wide and deep enough to swim in, populated with several colourful species of fish darting around the pinky-white coral that lay in the crystal blue water. Beyond the edge of the greenery is a series of windows and doors, between fifty and one hundred, evenly spaced around the edge of the massive area. Each one appears different in some way from the next; some have larger windows, others have coloured glass and all are painted different colours, spread out like some crazy out-of-sequence rainbow. Each dwelling has from two to four people living inside.

Above these homes, are a series of six balconies rising over fifty metres around the parkland in the centre, each constructed from a thick layer of black rock.

  1. The Archive - large screens full of images and symbols, operated by the Archivists.
  2. The Orchard - supplies around 40% of the food on an annual cycle; there are four quarters, each with a microclimate appropriate to a season, ensuring there is always a regular harvest.
  3. Research and Creation facility - geology, chemistry, biology, astro-physics, nanotechnology and more are researched here and equipment, our synthetic textiles and building materials are produced.
  4. Crops - mostly root vegetables and cereal crops, but also cotton, seed oils, hemp and natural medicines.
  5. Housing and Medical - specialised housing as well as medical facilities.
  6. Administration level - mostly clear to allow for future expansion.