Articles from June 2009

Some Other Scotland – Ep12 – UFO

  • Erica keeps attention away from the village.
  • Razer comes to a decision about his future.
  • Tania takes Erica on an unusual trip.

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There is now a Facebook page for ‘Some Other Scotland. There’s not a lot there so far apart from a couple of pictures, but there is plenty of new material to come that will appear there, so you can follow that page for more details. There are spaces for discussion and special events too, so you can let us know your thoughts on the plot, the characters or where the podcast is going.

Some Other Scotland – Ep11 – Safe Conduct

  • Tania and Erica work on a plan.
  • Sykes and Hayston visit Charles and make another link.
  • Razer causes a little more than a shaving cut.

Some Other Scotland – Ep10 – Underground

  • Tania lets Erica in on some ancient secrets.
  • Malcolm has to clear the tracks for his train .
  • Razer comes across an unusual item in the tunnel.