Some Other Scotland – Ep15 – Acid


This Week:

  • Razer reacts to the damage he has done.
  • Erica reaches the Traigh.
  • Malcolm recognises unwelcome faces.
  • Harald searches for Charles.
  • Inside the Traigh.

This week’s news story:

Acid left in Glasgow street

changed to the alternative:

Acid corrodes through Glasgow street

The Fire Brigade were called in to deal with a chemical spillage at Hayburn Street in Partick that has left a hole in the residential area estimated to be over fourty metres deep. A local residents has reported seeing several large canisters being left at the site in the early morning, but by noon the liquid inside, believed to be a highly concentrated acid, had corroded through the containers and into the ground below. The close proximity of the incident to the Glasgow Subway system meant that services on the line were cancelled for most of the day until safety checks could be completed. Police are investigating the incident and are currently gathering footage from CCTV cameras in the area to identify the truck that left the containers. Firefighters are still clearing the area, removing contaminated soil and corroded rocks from the scene for further analysis.

Further Information

BBC News – Read the original story.

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