The Podioracket team have started to release their second anthology series and the first story is a new SOS spin-off called “Conclave”.

Scotland, 2000 BC – Three men and a polar bear meet in a cave to change the world, but can they overcome their personal agendas and preconceptions of each other for the greater good? One petty squabble triggers a chain of events that will build over the following four thousand years, culminating in the story that takes place within “Some Other Scotland”.

Watch for more episodes coming up! New stories from Arlene Radasky, Darusha Wehm, Gloria Oliver, Casey Townsend, Keith Hughes, Dave Donelson, Emerian Rich, Katharina Maimer, and more!

This particular podcast series features short stories set in the worlds of each author included, so is a great way to sample a cross-section of writers from

Like all the SOS spin-offs, this is another stand-alone story that you don’t have to listen to in order to follow the story, but ‘Conclave’ does supply some more background to the first meeting of the two clans and the Sidhe, so if you have never listened to a SOS short story, this would be a great place to start.

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