Some Other Scotland – Ep34 – Witness

Some Other Scotland – Ep29 – Artists

Some Other Scotland – Ep28 – Artefacts

Some Other Scotland – Ep24 – Water Supply

Some Other Scotland – Ep20 – Baby Records

  • Calum researches the list of unmarked graves.
  • Sykes follows the new lead.
  • Calum discovers unexpected links in his list.

Some Other Scotland – Ep17 – Lunacy Graves

  • Tania and Erica visit the Merk.
  • Calum notices a disturbing pattern.
  • Sykes is alerted to more symbols.
  • Harald finds what he’s searching for.
  • A haggis supper leads to trouble.

Some Other Scotland – Interlude 02

Interlude 02: Listener feedback and questions. Mapping the story. Twittering characters and other extras. Podiobooks version of the podcast. Promoting SOS – StumbleUpon, iTunes, etc. Get a reminder of the Podioracket interview/chat. Great Hites can be found at Follow characters Erica Wallis, Razer and DC Eddie Lake on Twitter. Google Map of SOS locations. […]

Some Other Scotland – Ep11 – Safe Conduct

  • Tania and Erica work on a plan.
  • Sykes and Hayston visit Charles and make another link.
  • Razer causes a little more than a shaving cut.

Some Other Scotland – Interlude 01

  • Answers to common questions about the podcast.
  • Great Hites link to Some Other Scotland.
  • Twitter stuff – Erica and Lake.

Some Other Scotland – Ep07 – The Lamb

  • Harald Grant buys an island.
  • Familiar symbols turn up in a peculiar place.
  • Erica confronts the intruder.
  • We discover who is using the hidden cameras.