The standard RSS feed at this site provides all episodes of Some Other Scotland, spin-offs and occasional interludes, but we also have a few custom feeds. For example, you could listen to just the main episodes of the story and leave out all the Spin-offs.

If you use iTunes and just was to hear the whole podcast without worrying about all this technical stuff, just press this button:

Some Other Scotland

Special Feeds

  • Full SOS Feed : This is the ‘official’ SOS feed – if you subscribe to this with iTunes or your podcatcher of choice, you will receive everything we produce.
  • Regular Episode Feed : This feed provides only the main episodes of the story, with no additional content.
  • Spin-Off Feed : If you want to listen to the spin-off stories (maybe you already subscribe to the version), this is the feed you need.
  • Interlude Feed : We produce occasional ‘interludes’ with news, interviews and important information about the podcast. This feed includes only those interlude episodes.

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