The standard RSS feed at this site provides all episodes of Some Other Scotland, spin-offs and occasional interludes, but we also have a few custom feeds. For example, if you already listen to the podiobooks version, you don’t need to download those episodes again just to listen to the Spin-offs.

If you use iTunes and just was to hear the whole podcast without worrying about all this technical stuff, just press this button:

Some Other Scotland

Special Feeds

  • Full SOS Feed : This is the ‘official’ SOS feed – if you subscribe to this with iTunes or your podcatcher of choice, you will receive everything we produce.
  • Regular Episode Feed : This feed provides only the main episodes of the story, with no additional content.
  • Podiobooks Feed : The version of the podcast does not include the news segments at the start of episodes, only the story itself. Some people like it that way. Sound quality isn’t as good as the main feed and updates can be a day or two later, but you can register at and choose your own listening schedule, which makes it quite flexible.
  • Spin-Off Feed : If you want to listen to the spin-off stories (maybe you already subscribe to the version), this is the feed you need.
  • Interlude Feed : We produce occasional ‘interludes’ with news, interviews and important information about the podcast. This feed includes only those interlude episodes.

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