Some Other Scotland – Ep34 – Witness

Some Other Scotland – Ep32 – Family Tree

  • Calum shows Sykes his research and how it affects the case.
  • New Spin-offs

    New short stories set in the world of ‘Some Other Scotland’:
    ‘Waxing On’, is set in 1745 during Charles’ march towards London.
    ‘Near Missing’ provides some background to Calum Hayston‘s character. It is set over a number of years, but ties in directly with episode 20.

    Some Other Scotland – Ep20 – Baby Records

    • Calum researches the list of unmarked graves.
    • Sykes follows the new lead.
    • Calum discovers unexpected links in his list.

    Some Other Scotland – Ep17 – Lunacy Graves

    • Tania and Erica visit the Merk.
    • Calum notices a disturbing pattern.
    • Sykes is alerted to more symbols.
    • Harald finds what he’s searching for.
    • A haggis supper leads to trouble.

    Some Other Scotland – Ep11 – Safe Conduct

    • Tania and Erica work on a plan.
    • Sykes and Hayston visit Charles and make another link.
    • Razer causes a little more than a shaving cut.

    Some Other Scotland – Ep09 – Black Box

    • Harald has a mid-air collision.
    • The hunt for Charles begins.

    Some Other Scotland – Ep08 – Polar Clone

    • Sykes questions Charles.
    • The secret beneath Skara Brae is revealed.
    • Charles is abducted.

    Some Other Scotland – Ep06 – Beatles

    • The Sleeper, Charles, flees the scene.
    • Sykes learns more about the hidden cameras.
    • Something unexpected happens at Skara Brae.

    Some Other Scotland – Ep05 – Parasite

    • Sykes learns that deaths at the Scottish Parliament may be linked to the Palace mystery.
    • Erica’s team discover some unexpected features of the buried wall.
    • The Sleeper finally escapes and his identity becomes clear.