Some Other Scotland – Ep33 – Banishment

  • Harald learns the truth about his father’s legacy and the involvement of Eremon.
  • The truck carrying the remains of the Merk arrives at its destination with an extra passenger.

Some Other Scotland – Ep29 – Artists

Some Other Scotland – Ep26 – Commonwealth Games

‘Ghost’ Spin-Off

Two new SOS spin-off stories have been completed recently. ‘The Castle Wall’ appears at Every Photo Tells…. It tells the story behind Harald‘s discovery in Episode 13 ‘Ghost’. As with all the spin-offs, it is a stand-alone story, but does give a little more insight into the characters. It is unusual in that it was […]

Some Other Scotland – Ep25 – Forth Bridge

Some Other Scotland – Ep23 – Swine Flu

Some Other Scotland – Ep22 – Forest

  • Harald takes drastic steps to collect his prize.
  • Craig starts a fire.
  • Razer gets a history lesson.

Some Other Scotland – Ep19 – Great Scot

  • Harald moves in closer to Charles.
  • Razer deals with a sinking feeling.
  • Charles starts to hatch a plan.
  • Erica and Tania assess the Merk damage.
  • Sykes’ suspicions are confirmed.

Some Other Scotland – Ep17 – Lunacy Graves

  • Tania and Erica visit the Merk.
  • Calum notices a disturbing pattern.
  • Sykes is alerted to more symbols.
  • Harald finds what he’s searching for.
  • A haggis supper leads to trouble.

Some Other Scotland – Ep15 – Acid

  • Razer reacts to the damage he has done.
  • Erica reaches the Traigh.
  • Malcolm recognises unwelcome faces.
  • Harald searches for Charles.
  • Inside the Traigh.