Some Other Scotland – Ep05 – Parasite

Scottish Parliament

This Week:

  • Sykes learns that deaths at the Scottish Parliament may be linked to the Palace mystery.
  • Erica’s team discover some unexpected features of the buried wall.
  • The Sleeper finally escapes and his identity becomes clear.

This week’s news story:

Parliamentary disease cover-up

changed to the alternative:

Parliamentary disease deaths cover-up

It has come to light that two members of staff at the Scottish Parliament building died seven months ago during an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease. The site has been decontaminated and a spokesperson confirmed that the building is now safe and that the legionella bacterium was found only in two seldom used water outlets, but nowhere else in the complex. MSPs have claimed that they felt no need to raise the issue publicly as it had been dealt with quickly and appropriately at the time, taking into account the feelings of the families of the administrative staff members who died. It is not clear why the incident has now been made public.

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