Some Other Scotland – Ep08 – Polar Clone

Polar Bear

This Week:

  • Sykes questions Charles.
  • The secret beneath Skara Brae is revealed.
  • Charles is abducted.

This week’s news story:

No to cloned Scottish polar bears

changed to the alternative:

Cloning returns polar bears to Scotland

Researchers in Edinburgh have successfully cloned a pair of polar bears using DNA extracted from a skull found in a cave in Sutherland in the 1920’s. The skull belonged to a bear believed to have lived over 4,000 years ago, left in Scotland following the last ice age. Using the same processes used to clone Dolly the sheep, the DNA was combined with the egg of a female bear and grown to cubs. The two cubs were shown off for the first time today, now aged 6 months, and reported to be healthy.

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