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Everybody has their own preferences for communication, whether it be phone, email, twitter, or something else. You can already leave feedback for us in the comments of each week’s postings or by emailing me direct, Twitter is one of our most important ways of letting you know that there is a new episode or poll available or something unusual is about to happen, as well as being a way to bring some more of the story in the form of character tweets.

However, I know plenty of people who would never use Twitter, but use Facebook regularly, so for their benefit I have set up a ‘Some Other Scotland page on Facebook. There’s not a lot there so far apart from a couple of pictures, but there is plenty of new material to come that will appear there, so you can follow that page for more details. There are spaces for discussion and special events too, so you can let us know your thoughts on the plot, the characters or where the podcast is going.

We hope you can join us and bring the Facebook page to life!

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