Some Other Scotland – Ep17 – Lunacy Graves

The Lunacy Board

This Week:

  • Tania and Erica visit the Merk.
  • Calum notices a disturbing pattern.
  • Sykes is alerted to more symbols.
  • Harald finds what he’s searching for.
  • A haggis supper leads to trouble.

This week’s news story:

Lunacy Board buried thousands in unmarked graves

changed to the alternative:

Thousands named in Lunacy Board Service

A memorial service has been held for people buried in unmarked “pauper’s graves” in Churches around West Lothian. The graves belong to patients of Bangour Village hospital and are located in numerous sites in the local area. The Lunacy Board, who until recently were responsible for all psychiatric hospitals in Scotland, had a similar policy across the country and it is anticpated that many more unmarked graves such as these will come to light in the future.

Further Information

BBC News – Read the original story.

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