Some Other Scotland – Ep14 – Tartan Week

Tartan Week

This Week:

  • Razer chooses his hideaway.
  • Malcolm receives an unwanted visitor.
  • Razer settles in the USA.
  • The destructive force of the ‘torch’ is demonstrated fully.

This week’s news story:

New York parade sets Scotland Week in motion

changed to the alternative:

Tartan Week parade ends in disaster

On a day when New York should have been celebrating its ties with Scotland as part of the traditional parade along 6th Avenue, it has instead been reeling from the attack on the famous Empire State Building. The top five floors of the building were demolished in what is believed to be a terrorist attack, though no evidence of an explosion has yet been found. The estimated death toll currently stands at over two hundred people, including several killed by falling debris. The building, opened in 1931, was for many years the world’s tallest skyscraper. It became New York’s tallest building once again following the destruction of the World Trade Centre in 2001.

Further information

With special guest, Philip ‘NorvalJoe’ Carroll as Kyle. His website can be found at or follow him on twitter as @PhilipCarroll.

BBC News – read the original story.

Promo for Great Hites, soon to feature on in a new anthology called ‘Greatest Hites’.

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